Avitech Srl is a company active since the first months of 2021. The founding members are professionals of the poultry market who, having worked and gained decades of experience in the sector, have decided to undertake this path sharing their skills and know-how concentrating on design and production, with the spirit of service and innovation aimed at customer satisfaction.

Avitech is specialized in the design and production of systems for the poultry sector, a sector that is strongly complementary to the zootechnical one in which several companies of the Agritech Group (a group in which Avitech itself participates) operate. The objective is to create real product and market synergies to increase the value offered to the various customers in over 65 countries worldwide.


Avitech’s primary objective is to develop a range of equipment for the poultry and livestock market that responds in an innovative and effective way to the provisions of the Animal Welfare regulations.

In a holistic approach, the “Animal Welfare” considers not only the physical state of health, but also the psychological health of the animals, so that they are put in the conditions to express their natural behaviours also in the breeding.